Turn Data Stores into Data Stories with Infor Birst


Turn Data Stores into Data Stories with Infor Birst The most essential information in your product or process manufacturing plant is in the form of numbers. However, raw data from multiple different sources needs to be analyzed in a way that makes key metrics make sense in context. Infor Birst is the digital workspace that connects your organization in a way you’ve never experienced before by integrating data from your core lines of business. SolutionsX delivers this solution to customers seeking to reach new levels of business intelligence acquisition for ultimate lean operations. Infor Birst’s Unmatched Analytics Benefits Imagine a cross-functional [...]

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How ERP Software for 3D Printing Will Change Manufacturing


How ERP Software for 3D Printing Will Change Manufacturing Additive manufacturing, better known as “3D Printing” is making huge waves in product manufacturing across the world. With some of the most cost-efficient production methods available, as well as the technical agility to rapidly adapt to customization, 3D printing will be an attractive investment for cutting-edge manufacturers. With technical sophistication comes a greater need to monitor and control processes, as well as accumulate valuable business intelligence. Powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions will be vital to building the infrastructure for successful 3D printing manufacturers.   ERPs Will Inform the Future of [...]

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Steps To Build Your Manufacturing Revenue


Steps to Build Your Manufacturing Revenue Manufacturers are all looking to build revenue as a key component of short- and long-term growth and development. Increases in revenue allows manufacturers to make the process investments and capital acquisitions needed to stay lean and capture bigger pieces of your relevant market. In today’s world, where enterprises must be more than lean, a top-notch ERP software solution is critical to a business’ ability to effectively build revenue. SolutionsX helps businesses bridge gaps in their industrial processes by a digital transformation that: Reduces the average cost of production; Helps you tackle custom orders with ease; [...]

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The ERP Advantage for Process Manufacturers


The ERP Advantage for Process Manufacturers If you’re in the business of process manufacturing, you know how important it is to have total control over each and every variable. Your batch-based business demands the ability to make adjustments of any size on the fly without losing the consistency or quality that your customers know. Total Batch Control For process manufacturers, days are measured in batches and lots. To remain accountable and consistent, you need a software solution that stores every data point possible from the shop floor. For example, as food processors, ingredients, temperature, and weight are all essential to remaining [...]

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What Complete Software Integration Means For You


What Complete Software Integration Means For You What Integration Means for Your Business How a fully connected ERP can change how you do business and allocate resources Integration. It’s a hot tech term that shows up on nearly every software site and brochure available. But what does “integration” mean for your team on the shop floor, and why should it matter when selecting an enterprise resource planning solution? Integration means all systems are connected for maximum efficiency Integration means a custom-designed product that fits into your unique business needs Integration means satisfied customers who pay less and have better relationships Maximum [...]

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Infor Ignite – Your Complete SMB Manufacturing ERP Platform


Infor Ignite - Your Complete SMB Manufacturing ERP Platform Explore with us the Infor Ignite Platform for Your Manufacturing SMB SolutionsX is driving demand with Infor’s marketing tools and resources.  Let us help you showcase your unique strengths! Our Infor Ignite Partnership Capital investments in large-scale software products can be burdensome for small-to-midsized product and process manufacturing enterprises. No matter how profitable they can ultimately be for a business, the cost and implementation are challenging. SolutionsX has partnered with Infor, the leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, to offer smaller shops Infor Ignite, a powerful new solution to transform the [...]

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Case Study: SyteLine Implementation As Easy As 1,2,3,4


Case Study: SyteLine Implementation As Easy As 1,2,3,4 Mohawk Lifts, a privately-held, industry leading manufacturer of garage lifts, recognized it was time for an upgrade to its internal business management software and processes. First on the list was implementing an upgraded enterprise resource planning software, but where to turn? Enter SolutionsX and SyteLine.      The SolutionsX Solution Prior to implementing SyteLine, generating any internal report on manufacturing costs, customer pricing and inventory was a very manual process. These resource-intensive and time-consuming processes resulted in barriers to business growth. To solve these issues, SolutionsX strategized and executed the following actions to [...]

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Functionality in Business Software


Functionality in Business Software When it comes to running a business, ensuring efficiency is an incredibly important aspect in making sure that your business becomes successful. This requires tracking certain processes, and making sure that operational costs are successfully monitored. With SolutionsX ERP, your manufacturing or distributing business of any kind can help improve productivity and respond faster to change, as the business world is continuously full of constant change, ensuring that your business can adapt can help your business grow and stay alive. Let’s look at the benefits of functionality in business software for your business. Increase Productivity Using business [...]

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Why Efficiency Matters With ERP


Why Efficiency Matters With ERP When it comes to operating a business, there is one cardinal rule of thumb — to ensure that you are maximizing profits and returns on your investment. This can be seen in the form of efficiency, as efficiency ensures that jobs are completed with the least amount of resources utilized. This organization is incredibly important for the ebb and flow of a business, which is why ERP software has been implemented by many businesses. However, though many businesses look simply for software, SolutionsX is the solution to efficiency as our team knows business-manufacturing and distribution. We [...]

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No More Nightmares: Upgradeable Development as You Go with SyteLine


No More Nightmares: Upgradeable Development as You Go with SyteLine Sophisticated technology at your fingertips – that’s the perception that smartphones have created. Easy software updates are no longer a luxury – they are the expectation. You should expect convenience with your ERP upgrade, too. SolutionsX can show you how – minus the headaches of your experience with previous upgrades. "Out of the box, no ERP will serve all your needs. That’s why most ERPs are implemented with customizations and modifications to suit specific business needs," says Scott Brickler, managing partner of software and development at SolutionsX. "But businesses that have made [...]

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