Steps to Build Your Manufacturing Revenue

Manufacturers are all looking to build revenue as a key component of short- and long-term growth and development. Increases in revenue allows manufacturers to make the process investments and capital acquisitions needed to stay lean and capture bigger pieces of your relevant market.

In today’s world, where enterprises must be more than lean, a top-notch ERP software solution is critical to a business’ ability to effectively build revenue. SolutionsX helps businesses bridge gaps in their industrial processes by a digital transformation that:

  • Reduces the average cost of production;
  • Helps you tackle custom orders with ease; and
  • Improves your industry reputation through excellent customer experiences.

Cut Production Costs

The first step to becoming a leaner manufacturing and distribution enterprise is to critically assess your performance. When you implement an ERP software solution, real-time data from across your enterprise will be available in an accessible digital environment. That means you’ll quickly have the information you need about your performance to make adjustments in your process and trim the fat, whether that means in time spent or materials used. No business decision will be without the critical information needed for successful changes.

Repeatedly, much of our client feedback is that there was an immediate ROI following their ERP implementation with CloudSuite Industrial / SyteLine, often find areas of opportunity they didn’t know existed. Shop floors may be pouring too many unnecessary labor hours into certain components of production, or quote deviation from actual pricing may be becoming increasingly disparate. The right ERP solution will help you find and fix these kinds of problems so that your enterprise saves money and reduces overhead.

Tackle Custom Orders With Ease

Manufacturers that want to build revenue will also benefit from positioning themselves to increase market share. Lean enterprises with optimal resource allocation can accommodate custom orders as one means of increasing the size of their slice of the pie.

Our team has been in your shoes as an industrial manufacturer, and we know the pain points in adjusting for a custom order. That’s why SolutionsX consultants design your ERP solution and support you through implementation. In no time at all, your team will be ready to use the powerful modeling capabilities, pricing algorithms, and projections to adeptly respond to custom orders.

A business that can deliver quality goods with unique needs will quickly garner the interest of distributors and production shops, and an effective ERP can help support this strategic approach to increasing your market share.

Develop a Reputation for Excellence

An ERP that improves efficiency and provides detailed information empowers account managers to build better relationships. By remaining informed about project status, quoting orders accurately, and never missing a deadline—all of which a Syteline platform can help achieve—your team will create loyal customers.

Despite its size, the manufacturing industry still values word of mouth recommendations, especially when it comes to cost-saving and quality-improving. The results of using your ERP effectively to allocate inputs and adapt to customer specifications will help your enterprise develop a coveted reputation for sophistication and agility.

These intangible aspects of performance and reputation build the brand equity of your company and generate leads like nothing else can. SolutionsX can help you solve for your “x” and integrate your enterprise today.