Industrial Giants Transitioning Over to Additive Manufacturing


Industrial Giants Transitioning Over to Additive Manufacturing If you feel overwhelmed by the rapidly changing tech industry, you’re not the only one. There are thousands of small to medium size businesses who are struggling to keep up with the industry’s newest improvements within their manufacturing process. Industrial additive manufacturing has been a topic that has been discussed for a while now, but only recently implemented into larger companies. Most hesitation is due to the turnover time required to transition operations. Also, there is a component of fear involved with drastically changing processes that need to be implemented on a global scale. [...]

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A Glimpse Into the Future: Infor Configure Price Quote


A Glimpse Into the Future: Infor Configure Price Quote Customers seek reliability and transparency from their product and process manufacturers. The ability to deliver consistent products and the agility to respond to custom requirements sets manufacturers apart in an increasingly technology-dependent industry. SolutionsX not only helps manufacturers increase the leanness of their operations with powerful cloud-based Infor enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but we also assist clients is customizing their digital environment with features that activate your ability to accurately price and quote orders. What is Configure Price Quote? The Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) package unlocks powerful visualization and pricing [...]

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Keep All Systems at “Go!” with Enterprise Asset Management


If the grill stops working at a local diner, a few hungry customers might be unhappy for the day. In manufacturing, when poorly monitored production assets cause disruptions in production, dozens of delivery delays and possible quality concerns can arise and productivity goes down. How would you like to avoid these major breakdowns with Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), which is designed to work with your existing Cloudsuite Industrial (CSI)/SyteLine ERP to help you stay on top of asset performance? Plus, EAM also works to help you seamlessly schedule orders for efficient production and track outputs for easy recall. An [...]

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Typical ERP Mistakes To Avoid: Part 2


Typical ERP Mistakes To Avoid: Part 2 Proper utilization of an ERP implementation plan can pay dividends. However, failing to follow that plan can lead to heavy monetary consequences. Last week, we looked at three common mistakes companies make when trying to use their personalized enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. Today, we’ll discuss a few more blunders in order to help people avoid them in the future. As a top-notch ERP implementation company, SolutionsX can help! We strive for customer service excellence through our unique solutions, ideas, and approaches to any logistical problem your company may be facing. Improper Cost Estimates [...]

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Typical ERP Mistakes To Avoid: Part 1


Typical ERP Mistakes To Avoid: Part 1 When it comes to your business, the prospect of streamlining processes and saving money is very appealing. SolutionsX realized the need for such goals, and, in 2004, became what is now one of the top ERP companies in the land. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides a central platform on which to design and combine all aspects of your company. However, when it comes to ERP programs, many business owners see the prize without taking the proper steps to successfully get there. ERP system implementations can be a long, complicated process. Today, we’ll look at [...]

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Benefits of the Right ERP Implementation


Benefits of the Right ERP Implementation Solutions built for your business’s needs. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is an often confusing term that seems to have multiple meanings according to who you’re asking and what business is implementing the software. Because of this, understanding what ERP truly is can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that the multitude of explanations available to you only reinforces the primary benefit of ERP: its versatility. What Is ERP, Really? Your business produces, analyzes, and digests a countless amount of data on a daily basis. This data can range from the CAD designs your [...]

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Quality Software for Quality Solutions


Quality Software for Quality Solutions Spend More Time Building and Less Time Entering Data Your computer-aided design (CAD) program works to provide you with more accurate drawings and models. Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software allows you to better understand your product inventory, order numbers, and so much more to offer you a more effective business operation. With our CAD/ERP implementation software, you can now seamlessly combine your engineering line with your production data to have one efficient, quality platform on which you can run your business. Our SYSPRO™ ERP Integration SYSPRO has earned the 2016 American Business Award for Computer [...]

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