Industrial Machinery & Equipment ERP Software

Manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment face long lead times, complex assemblies with hundreds, even thousands of parts, and must manage supplier relationships and navigate long lead times to ensure they have the products they need to complete final assemblies on time to meet customer demand.

There are a lot of great ERP systems available and many support the basic needs of industrial and machinery equipment manufacturers. Infor CloudSuite Industrial is one of the best ERP products available for manufacturers of industrial equipment and machinery because of its inherent core strengths in bills of material, product configuration, and engineering. Perhaps that why so many industrial equipment and machinery companies rely on Infor CloudSuite Industrial to manage and grow their businesses.

ERP Software for Industrial Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers

With more than 7,000 customers engaged in industrial equipment and machinery manufacturing in more than 100 countries globally, Infor is a true leader in this complex industry segment.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial can be found in every corner of the industrial machinery and equipment manufacturing industry with customers engaged in the production of engines, turbines, tractors and farm implements, construction and mining equipment, metalworking equipment, computers, refrigeration equipment, vending machines, commercial laundry equipment, pumps, HVAC equipment, packaging equipment, speed changers and gear boxes, industrial furnaces and ovens, pumps, power transmission equipment, compressors, textile and paper processing equipment, commercial printing machinery, food processing equipment, and more.

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Industrial Equipment & Machinery ERP Software Features

Below is a short list of some of the major features provided by Infor CloudSuite Industrial designed specifically for industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers.

Industrial equipment and machinery can be complicated with thousands of components in complex bill of material structures multiple levels deep. Utilize phantom bills of material to simplify structures for planning.

Control engineering changes and understand how changes impact production plans. Route changes for approval and manage downstream vendor changes for parts used in your complex machinery and equipment assemblies. Integrate CAD and PLM for simple transfers of bills of material from engineering into production routings.

Planning for thousands of components from hundreds of vendors for multiple machinery and equipment product lines is impossible without a solid MRP system. Infor CloudSuite Industrial brings all the information you need in sync so you know exactly what to buy, what to make, and when to meet customer demands

Complete cradle-to-grave serial and lot tracking allows you to identify serial numbers for all components of the equipment and machinery you manufacturer.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial supports make to stock machinery and equipment manufacturing and the complexities of assemble to order, make to order, and engineer to order manufacturing disciplines.

Track and manage your inventory including raw materials, intermediate assemblies, and finished goods across multiple warehouses and stocking locations.

Utilize constraints-based scheduling to maximize machine utilization, coordinate employee resources, and ensure that required tooling is available for production.

Manage labor schedules, training, certifications and human resources for production and payroll.

Remote installation and service is common in the industry due to the complexity and sheer size of some industrial equipment and machinery. Track your service technicians in the field with mobile applications for both billable services and warranty work. Track depot repair costs and component history for the life of the machinery or equipment and schedule technicians for repairs.

Define validated rules-based product configurations to create and price every potential configuration of the machinery and equipment you manufacture with online integration for configuration and replacement parts in B2B e-commerce storefronts or dealer portals.

Forecasting demand is crucial for machinery and equipment manufacturers – even in make to order environments as many raw materials and components have long lead times and are often sourced from overseas. Utilize demand history and/or a mix of manual forecasting to predict what you need to buy or make, how much, and when you expect the demand to hit.

Streamline your supply chain with powerful transportation management system (TMS) integration and logistics to ensure you receive raw materials on time for production and can deliver finished assemblies to customers to meet promise dates.

Harness the power of Infor CloudSuite Industrial to create estimates, quotes, and finished good costs based on actual, average, standard, FIFO, or LIFO costing methods to ensure accurate costing and profitable pricing models.

Leverage the manufacturing execution system and shop floor control features to capture material costs, scrap, downtime, and production directly from the shop floor in real time.

Manage quality control from receipt of goods from vendors throughout the entire production process to ensure compliance with customer and other quality mandates such as ISO.

Track all of your assets with powerful preventative maintenance to ensure optimal machine availability with predictive maintenance.







More than just ERP – Infor CloudSuite Industrial connects to powerful best in class technologies such as Infor EAM for asset management, Infor PLM for product lifecycle management, Infor CRM for customer relationship management, Infor HCM for human capital management, Infor BI for business intelligence and reporting, Infor Workflow & Alerts, Infor CPQ for complex configure price quotes, budgeting and planning, expense management, and Infor ION for integration to any other system you currently utilize internally. And the Infor Mongoose rapid development platform makes it easy to connect to the systems you use today that you can’t live without or the new systems you want to put in place but need to integrate to your back office systems.

There are literally hundreds of ERP products on the market today for discrete manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment but the vast majority are built on legacy technology or simply  have not kept up with today’s technological advances.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is built on the amazing Infor OS platform which allows it to adapt quickly with modifications and integrations to best of breed applications without source code changes using the Infor Mongoose development platform.

Further, Infor CloudSuite Industrial is built on Microsoft technologies, enabled for the cloud, and provides a variety of mobile-optimized applications for use on ruggedized devices in harsh manufacturing and field service environments.

Next-generation ERP features are here now with Infor Coleman, an integrated artificial intelligence application within Infor CloudSuite Industrial with machine learning offering you a brand new way to interact with your data in new and meaningful ways.

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