Rapid ERP ImplementationRapid Implementations Done Right

ERP implementations are notoriously long, complex, and over budget. Many ERP providers claim to provide rapid implementations to shorten the duration and cost but few actually make good on their promises.

SolutionsX Xcelerate is a rapid implementation program like none on the market. We leverage best practice templates, unique data import tools, and implementation accelerators from Infor, one of the four largest global ERP providers, to significantly reduce the phase one implementation so you can start Experiencing Remarkable Possibilities with a powerful and modern ERP business platform.

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Why Choose SolutionsX Xcelerate?

Your manufacturing business faces the same challenges of companies ten times larger than you. So how can you afford the same software to manage your business that the big companies use? Simple, you cut every corner possible to minimize your costs. The software costs may be similar but you can trim your implementation costs significantly as most implementations are twice the costs of the software giving you more wiggle room to maximize your investment.

Infor business applications offer the spark needed for over 50,000 small to medium sized companies worldwide. Get the same software with a fraction of the implementation costs with SolutionsX Xcelerate. Not only will you save money, but you should expect to trim the overall effort by as much as 50%.

Fine-Tuned for Your Business Requirements

Like a finely-tuned engine, SolutionsX Xcelerate includes four key components engineered to work together to provide maximum horse power for your business. These components are:

Pre-Configured Best Practices: Don’t reinvent the wheel. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies just like yours and we’ve packaged some of the best configurations and features to optimize your system for your specific industry requirements.

The X-Factor: What is the value of a truly great ERP consultant? Is it their knowledge of the software? That’s important but it’s only about 10% of the overall value compared with their real world experience, problem solving skills, and people skills. SolutionsX truly provides the X-Factor for your implementation with decades of experience in the trenches working with companies just like yours in your industry and we know how to keep implementations on track and on budget – every time with no excuses.

Infor Implementation Accelerators: Infor’s most trusted and experienced consultants have preconfigured flexible industry solutions for the latest version of Infor CloudSuite Industrial providing industry-specific configuration settings and feature packs alongside standardized business process flows and documentation to significantly reduce implementations enabling your team to do more work than ever before so you don’t have to rely solely on SolutionsX. It’s pretty simple, the more you do, the more you save.

CADTALK BOM Import: Ask anyone who’s been through an ERP implementation where they spend the most of their time and they will likely tell you it’s in manufacturing and inventory setup. But we have a secret weapon – it’s called CADTALK. Designed for integration of CAD and PLM systems with ERP – CADTALK actually has a lot more power that can significantly reduce your setup time.

CADTALK BOM Import utilizes artificial intelligence and a powerful rules engine to transform your CAD or PLM files into a manufacturing routing and bill of material inside your ERP application complete with run times, scrap, and labor operations. Further, it can be used to create all item and inventory warehouse records and can update vendors and calculate manufacturing costs. Think about it – this will save you a TON of time since you honestly won’t have to manually rekey your inventory or manufacturing data!

Xcelerate for Larger Complex Manufacturers

Larger and complex manufacturers often need that last mile functionality that’s often missing from the core system forcing them to invest time and money on customizations. SolutionsX has addressed this with our XtenCSIon Packs – a complete suite of internally developed add-ons designed exclusively for Infor CloudSuite Industrial. Think of it as a tune-up kit on steroids for your business system with enhancements for finance, inventory, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and planning, engineering, quality, alerts, and much more.

Is Xcelerate Right For You?

Xcelerate is ideal for smaller companies and those with a less complex process or as a rapid implementation of the core ERP feature set that larger companies can use as a base before making configuration changes or customizations. Successful candidates must have:

  • Executive leadership involvement to ensure the project remains a priority.
  • A systematic approach for critical business processes.
  • A willingness to accept industry best practices as an alternative to internal legacy processes.
  • The ability to dedicate internal resources to invest a significant amount of time into the implementation project.
  • Ability to extract and cleanse data prior to migration to Infor CloudSuite Industrial.
  • Limited personalization and no phase one customizations for the new ERP system.