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I wanted to thank you, on behalf of the DCI Team for going out of our way to find us a fellow CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine SolutionsX customer, SOR Controls Group. It’s been really helpful to be able to speak with others going through the same ERP implementation experiences as us and understanding that what we are experiencing is “normal” so to speak. Not that anything we’ve experienced is bad… It’s quite new/different and so it’s helpful to be able to connect with others going through the same discovery process.

Speaking with SOR it’s also become very apparent that we’ve got some of the best helping us through implementing CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine with Clint and the SolutionsX team. Thank you for connecting us with them! Clint speaks our language, which makes navigation through this process much less stressful.

Sandra Luna-Moorman, Digital Control, Inc.

It was a pleasure sitting in on SolutionsX VIP Consultant, David, demoing ION. You can’t get a much tougher job of making integration and work flow interesting!

The demo was wonderful.  Not only did he solve a problem but provided enough technical detail based on the level of the audience while avoiding going into the weeds and over their heads.

David did a great job picking up the queues that these guys are very technical and they loved what he had to say.

David adapted on the spot. Whether he knew it or not, the potential clients are currently on Navision, suggesting that they have been in the weeds modifying the hell out of everything.

They are now learning how that makes it difficult for them to move forward, but also recognize that they will not be able to leave some of the other systems they have in place.

Kevin Cooper, Infor

I want to mention again how pleased we are with the work that SolutionsX has done for us. The team has been innovative and has delivered solutions that often go beyond what we thought to ask for.

We have had a lot of challenges with our implementation but they have been overcome thanks to the efforts of your team. Kudos to all.

Ralph Rino, GPS Capital Markets, Inc.

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