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Arms Manufacturing ERP Software

Arms manufacturing remains  one of the most regulated industries in the world.  Failure to maintain compliance can have significant adverse  effects on operations, sales, revenues,  and profit margins. In some cases, non-compliance  can even result in administrative or criminal action.

To win, armament manufacturers must arm themselves,  with intelligent and sophisticated technology that meets arms manufacturing, government contracting, and cybersecurity requirements.

SolutionsX, a veteran-owned business, is an lnfor Gold Channel Partner. We have deep and extensive  expertise in securely integrating lnfor  ERP with other business and manufacturing software in discrete manufacturing companies. Our advanced integration process and prioritization of government projects ensures faster time to value and ensures compliance at every step.

Modern Technology for Modern Defense

lnfor CloudSuite Industrial ERP has built-in features and functionality specifically designed to help companies maintain compliance and increase efficiency throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle, from contracting and procurement processes through serialization of each new weapon produced.


  • DCAA audit reporting
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) billing
  • Extensibility to handle government contracts
  • Transfer Borrow Loan Payback (TBLP)

Engineering, Design & Manufacturing

  • CAD/PLM integration for ERP BOM and routings
  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote)
  • Ability to track lots and serial numbers
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Barcode & RFID tracking
  • Rapid prototyping

Compliance & Reporting

  • ITAR compliance
  • Supports DCAA and DCMA MMAS compliance
  • ATF regulatory components, following all guidelines & rules
  • Multi-level system and DB security
  • Quality Control Module

Documentation & Reporting

  • Document multi-currency management control
  • Capability to generate inspection reports
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • AS 9100 Document & Procedure Support

Supply Chain

  • Multi-entity and multi-currency
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Integrated CRM, estimates, quotes, RMA
  • Shipping & logistics management
  • Inventory controI

Secure Integration, Superior Agility

lnfor CloudSuite lndustriai/Syteline is extremely versatile. It gives companies a range of options for implementation.

Depending on each company’s unique business needs, anywhere from seventy to one hundred percent of a company’s business processes can be addressed. Configuration can occur in phases so that companies can see immediate results with out-of-the-box implementation, later addressing up to 100% of their business needs with custom configuration.


Industry best practices implemented right out-of-the-box, addressing 70% of a company’s business processes


Addition of standard preconfigured options, output documents, and interfaces for more configured functionality


Full extension of capabilities to address unique needs, with high value, 100% configurable processes outside of the lA using lnfor OS extensibility

Sample Outcomes

Following are example outcomes aerospace and defense companies have achieved after implementing lnfor ERP.

Improve Profitability & Growth
  • Avoidance of 25-40% of project overruns and cost variances
  • Over 15% efficiency gain in contract requirements handling
  • 2-3% increase in capacity utilization
Reduce Project Complexity
  • 20% improvement in employee productivity
  • 20-30% lower TCO
  • 2-4% improvement in production management
Supply Chain Resiliency
  • 15-20% inventory reduction
  • Industry obsolescence avoidance up to 20%
  • 20-25% cost reduction in inter-company administration

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