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No two food and beverage manufacturers are the same and generic ERP software simply won’t work for most companies. You need a business system that works like you do – in recipes or formulas – not bills of materials. You need a system that has flexible units of measure for buying, stocking, manufacturing, and selling. And you need a system built on a modern platform that can be tailored to the unique nature of your business without locking you into expensive source code modifications. You need Infor CloudSuite Industrial, a powerful ERP application trusted by food and beverage manufacturers for its robust features and amazing technology.

Food & Beverage ERP Consulting Services

Look around the market and you’re going to find a lot of ERP consultants that want to sell you a system but look deeper and you’ll find very few that have proven success implementing ERP in a food and beverage manufacturing environment. SolutionsX focuses on food and beverage – it’s something we do well and we have the customers behind us to back that up. We believe in a collaborative approach to implementations working with your team throughout the process from evaluation all the way to your go-live date to ensure that your projects are completed on time and on budget and to your specifications.

ERP Software for Food & Beverage Processors

Infor CloudSuite Industrial supports the diverse needs of all food and beverage manufacturers from growers to slaughterhouses, bakeries to distilleries, bottling operations to fisheries, and everything in between.

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Infor Global Solutions is used by some of the most prolific names in the food and beverage industry. Infor CloudSuite Industrial is one of a handful of ERP products supporting process, discrete, and mixed-mode manufacturing in a single platform with innovative technology and features to give you an edge over the competition.

ERP Software for Food & Beverage Processors

Infor CloudSuite Industrial supports the diverse needs of all food and beverage manufacturers from growers to slaughterhouses, bakeries, to distilleries, bottling operations to fisheries, and everything in between.

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Food & Beverage Industry ERP Software Features

Below is a short list of some of the major features provided by Infor CloudSuite Industrial designed specifically for process manufacturers engaged in various food and beverage industry segments.

Management of scalable formulas or recipes based on quantity produced and/or percentages of ingredients with full security and control over formula and recipe definitions.

Manage potency of a batch based on the desired concentration of ingredients in comparison to the overall chemical composition of the finished good. Assign grades to products post-production. Must be able to select inventory based on potency and grade

Develop and document quality plans with testing of raw materials received from vendors through production, and into finished goods inventory with standardized testing criteria and built-in reporting

Track and cost for the production of expected and unexpected co-products and by-products where multiple finished goods are produced from a single batch or ancillary products of value are produced that can be stocked and reused or resold.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Process Pack allows you to capture data before, during, and after the manufacturing process supporting multiple government agency compliance mandates including those from the FDA, EPA, and more.

Manage ingredient and finished good non-conformance with integrated Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) plans.

Track labor and materials for new product research and development within the ERP system as a project with integrated time and expense reporting.

Manage inventories including customer private-label and contract packaging for identical items sold under different brands or packaging.

Manage the vendor approval process and monitor quality by supplier.

Control decimal precision or resolution up to eight places right of the decimal point to ensure accurate data across products and processes.

Ability to scale batch sizes based on quantity or percentage of ingredients or to scale ingredients based on the size of the batch with full loss and yield reporting.

Track attributes of raw material and finished goods lots based on attributes including such things as potency, grade, chemical composition, and more. Trace backward or forward from any lot in the system to find out where it was used or where it came from to streamline recalls and other quality requirements.

Manage perishable ingredients with lot expiration tracking, lot expiration alerts, and first-expired-first-out lot picking logic for manufacturing.

Manage units of measure separately for purchasing, stocking (inventory), manufacturing, and sales with conversions between units of measure. Also manage inventory by packaged unit of measure for a single item. E.g., same product stocked in cans, drums, and tanks.

Create and manage material safety data sheets including document revisions and MSDS availability online for employees, suppliers, and customers alike.

Manage supplier certificates of analysis and produce certificates of analysis for finished goods sold to customers.

Utilize integrated laboratory information management systems for validated testing of ingredients and finished goods.

Utilize specific gravity calculations to control and manage formulations based on ingredient density compared to standards such as water.

Multiple security levels at the network, desktop, and database level with full audit trails and control over access to systems, menus, screens, and fields with time-stamped audit logs by user.

Many food and beverage processors operate in a repetitive manufacturing environment and require additional repetitive production reporting capabilities on top of traditional batch process manufacturing.







More than just ERP – Infor CloudSuite Industrial connects to best of breed Infor products including Infor EAM for asset management, Infor PLM for product lifecycle management, Infor CRM for customer relationship management, Infor HCM for human capital management, Infor BI for business intelligence and reporting, Infor Workflow & Alerts, Infor CPQ for complex configure price quotes, budgeting and planning, expense management, and Infor ION for integration to any other system you currently utilize internally. And the Infor Mongoose rapid development platform makes it easy to connect to the systems you use today that you can’t live without or the new systems you want to put in place but need to integrate to your back office systems.

There are a lot of ERP systems on the market designed for niche food and beverage markets from bottling to bakery and breweries to slaughterhouses. Niche applications have incredibly focused operational features but typically have very weak underlying accounting, technology, and integration tools. Larger vendors with more robust applications are typically on older technology platforms having ported the software over to new platforms with little or no adjustments to harness the capabilities of the new technology. But Infor CloudSuite Industrial provides both the deep functionality you demand and the cutting-edge technology platform you need to grow your business for decades to come.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is built on a powerful rapid development platform called Infor Mongoose which is just part of the amazing Infor OS operating system. Infor OS includes document management, reporting, and dashboards with data-driven alerts. All of this is built from the ground-up on modern Microsoft platforms and not ported over from legacy systems. Next-generation ERP features are here now with Infor Coleman, an integrated artificial intelligence application within Infor CloudSuite Industrial with machine learning offering you a brand new way to interact with your data in new and meaningful ways.

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