If the grill stops working at a local diner, a few hungry customers might be unhappy for the day. In manufacturing, when poorly monitored production assets cause disruptions in production, dozens of delivery delays and possible quality concerns can arise and productivity goes down.

How would you like to avoid these major breakdowns with Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), which is designed to work with your existing Cloudsuite Industrial (CSI)/SyteLine ERP to help you stay on top of asset performance? Plus, EAM also works to help you seamlessly schedule orders for efficient production and track outputs for easy recall.

An Easy Tool for Vital Monitoring

Infor EAM is an essential component of an organization looking to mitigate risk and maintain optimal levels of performance. When you add EAM to your suite of enterprise monitoring tools, you’ll experience:

  • Exponential cost savings by avoiding total breakdowns and production line dead time;
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with reliable quality and delivery; and
  • Increased reputational capital for compliance with industry regulations.

Whether you’re focusing on the performance of internal operations or the quality of inputs and finished products, having a space designed to digitally manage assets can be an invaluable safety net for your entire enterprise.

SolutionsX encourages companies to integrate Infor EAM as an added level of safety and protection that can help you realize massive compounding cost savings over time. When your most valuable assets are managed appropriately, and your products are consistently marked by quality, you avoid major losses and expenses that can be tied to significant reputational harm.

Allocate Resources More Efficiently

Companies already deploying Cloudsuite Industrial/SyteLine enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can see added value with EAM. Pairing the performance data and functional automation of the ERP platform with the detailed tracking, monitoring, and workflow components of EAM is a nitro boost for your production engine.

EAM integrates completely with CSI/SyteLine solutions to help you realize greater process efficiencies on the front end by keeping equipment performing optimally while minimizing risk and liability on the back-end with detailed data reporting and automatic recalls. EAM also helps you implement safety measures and checklists into your workflow so that accountability is a natural part of your working environment.

Worry Less, Strategize More

EAM extends the power of your team and existing software systems to ensure total asset management and awareness. With remote capabilities and start-to-finish tracking, you can worry less about downtime and expensive mechanical failures, and focus more on making the business decisions and forming new customer relationships that will help your business grow.

SolutionsX offers implementation and deployment of Infor EAM as an additional component of your ERP suite, or as part of a newly designed resource planning solution. As always, EAM is implemented by a supportive team that understands your pain points from experience—meaning you’ll get a powerful tool with minimal business disruption.