A Glimpse Into the Future: Infor Configure Price Quote

Customers seek reliability and transparency from their product and process manufacturers. The ability to deliver consistent products and the agility to respond to custom requirements sets manufacturers apart in an increasingly technology-dependent industry.

SolutionsX not only helps manufacturers increase the leanness of their operations with powerful cloud-based Infor enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but we also assist clients is customizing their digital environment with features that activate your ability to accurately price and quote orders.

What is Configure Price Quote?

The Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) package unlocks powerful visualization and pricing tools that allow your customers to have unparalleled insight into specifications relating to their unique order.

CPQ works within the Infor Cloudsuite Industrial platform to integrate the functions of your sales, engineering, and logistics teams. From day one with CPQ, your organization will see:

  • Time and money saved by the elimination of manual entry and the use of document automation;
  • Customer service improved by 2D and 3D visuals for results in richer sales interactions; and
  • Satisfaction increased when expectations are set and met for maximum reliability.

CPQ can be tailored to support the goals of a product or process manufacturer in any industry, from food and beverage to chemical and agriculture. CPQ includes features like:

  • Infor Product Configurator. Utilize custom configurations across your industry with accuracy and ease.
  • Infor Sales Portal. Mobilize your sales team to deliver an outstanding, visual customer experience.
  • 2D and 3D Design Automation. Give a glimpse before you start the conveyor belts. Help customers understand the tangible impact of their specifications.

What Are the Benefits?

Manufacturers who use CPQ in their ERP software customization routinely report that customers are more satisfied upon delivery. This is because customers are not only more engaged in the quoting and ordering process, but also because the visualization capabilities ensure that each order is as close as possible to customer expectations before production begins.

On the shop floors, engineers and production managers waste less time on reorders and keep your machinery and human capital available for additional output and new orders. This means an immediately realizable return on investment for your plant through simple migrations to an accessible digital software.

SolutionsX Delivers CPQ

When SolutionsX consults with your manufacturing enterprise, we solve for “x” by introducing industry-leading solutions like CPQ to deliver an unparalleled experience for customers. With a team of experts who understand the needs of manufacturing clients from personal experience, we offer the familiarity with software design and operations to assist you with design, integration, and deployment. Contact us to learn more.