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Our Infor Ignite Partnership

Capital investments in large-scale software products can be burdensome for small-to-midsized product and process manufacturing enterprises. No matter how profitable they can ultimately be for a business, the cost and implementation are challenging.

SolutionsX has partnered with Infor, the leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, to offer smaller shops Infor Ignite, a powerful new solution to transform the way you do business. It’s got everything you need to be on the cutting edge of manufacturing and wholesale production.

What is Infor Ignite?

Ignite is a cloud-based ERP software product that packs all the robustness of a full-scale ERP suite into a format designed for small and midsize industrial and wholesale manufacturers.

Your business will get all the essentials, including powerful information gathering technology and analytics capabilities. Your team can stop spending time compiling spreadsheets and completing documents, and start focusing on more efficient processes and building better relationships. These extra human capital resources are crucial for smaller industrial manufacturers, allowing you to put manpower where you need it most.

A Simplified Solution

SolutionsX and Infor Ignite are aligned in the mission to provide small businesses with everything they need and nothing they don’t. The Ignite ERP is built to grow with your enterprise, and it’s equipped to support this growth by offering:

  • Ongoing technical support;
  • Continuous upgrades;
  • User education; and
  • The reliability of cloud-based computing.

Most importantly, you can get all these useful ERP features for a predictable price based on the elements you want to use. Once you choose the right software solution for your enterprise, implementation, and deployment are quick and easy, allowing your business to start adding value instantly.

The Power of Partnership

With products like SyteLine and CloudSuite Industrial, Infor has been leading the pack in ERP software for major industrial enterprises. This innovative new software solution leverages Infor’s insight into what has worked for some of the leanest manufacturers in the industries. Ignite delivers these insights in a platform that is accessible and useful for small and midsized businesses.

SolutionsX is one of three ERP software companies to partner with Infor to implement Ignite. Our team of former industrial manufacturers has the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed to help you pick the right Ignite package, and then help you implement and deploy it with ease.

This partnership allows you to get the cutting edge software you need with the knowledge and guidance you deserve as a growing small business. You get to focus on using this streamlined ERP product, while Infor and SolutionsX worry about the technical stuff, like security and integration.

Ignite is the next evolution in digitally transforming industrial manufacturing. Infor offers businesses a 30-day free trial to experience just how powerful Ignite can be for your enterprise. When you’re ready to make the switch, costs and features are clear and transparent, and SolutionsX stands ready to help you migrate seamlessly to Ignite.

Ignite Your Business Today

Ignite is the spark that helps light your strategic fuel. Let software do the time-consuming work of monitoring and analyzing your data, completing documents, and automating processes. Empower your team to do business better and focus on the quality and consistency that defines your enterprise.

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