What Complete Software Integration Means For You

What Complete Software Integration Means For You

What Integration Means for Your Business

How a fully connected ERP can change how you do business and allocate resources

Integration. It’s a hot tech term that shows up on nearly every software site and brochure available. But what does “integration” mean for your team on the shop floor, and why should it matter when selecting an enterprise resource planning solution?

  • Integration means all systems are connected for maximum efficiency
  • Integration means a custom-designed product that fits into your unique business needs
  • Integration means satisfied customers who pay less and have better relationships

Maximum Efficiency

“Lost in translation” isn’t just a communication cliché; it’s a real issue when you’re running your enterprise on multiple software platforms that don’t speak the same data language. The result is that you’re left with a series of discrete systems to monitor inventory, project status, document completion, and other tasks. You’re spending valuable human capital on things an ERP should be doing for you.

CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) / SyteLine solutions are built to help you manage workflow and production from the time an order comes in to the time it’s delivered to your customer. Your sales team will have access to critical information they need to discuss project timelines with clients, while administrators can easily access payroll hours or inventory metrics—all in the same digital environment.

When information flows seamlessly, projects get completed more quickly and at a lower cost. It’s a simple, but powerful benefit of the integration that only experts like those at SolutionsX can deliver.


No two production facilities run exactly alike, even if their core processes are significantly similar. Integrated ERP products don’t superimpose themselves on existing processes; they fit into your culture, as well as the unique needs of your product or process manufacturing.

An integrated ERP implementation should instantly show results through reduced frustration and lag time on the shop floor and more informed business and strategy decisions from directors. You’ll have the information you need about “what’s going where” without cumbersome spreadsheets and manual tracking.

Improved Customer Experience

The most important result of integrated ERP manufacturing software is an improved customer experience. When the manufacturing process moves more quickly and reliably, you can offer the most competitive prices and completion times in the industry.

You can also be an agile manufacturer, easily tackling custom-order projects while minimizing the disruption to your turnkey processes. And, with real time feedback on your key performance indicators and metrics like inventory, average labor hours on a project, and more, nobody has to wait on the information they need to give accurate quotes and timelines.

SolutionsX delivers integration by fine-tuning thoughtful ERP design to give you everything you want and need, and nothing you don’t.

SolutionsX provides a completely integrated ERP solution tailored to your needs. Find out more about how integration looks in your enterprise by connecting with a consultant whose knowledge comes from industry experience.