Turn Data Stores into Data Stories with Infor Birst

The most essential information in your product or process manufacturing plant is in the form of numbers. However, raw data from multiple different sources needs to be analyzed in a way that makes key metrics make sense in context.

Infor Birst is the digital workspace that connects your organization in a way you’ve never experienced before by integrating data from your core lines of business. SolutionsX delivers this solution to customers seeking to reach new levels of business intelligence acquisition for ultimate lean operations.

Infor Birst’s Unmatched Analytics Benefits

Imagine a cross-functional meeting where your shop floor manager, human resources officer, CFO, and sales reps can all sit down and understand current manufacturing performance and their team’s role in those metrics. Infor Birst makes these conversations possible by:

  • Taking what you have stowed away in disconnected data storage, and making it available in one space;
  • Equipping your team with automated reporting and self-service analytics tools; and
  • Increasing engagement and interaction across your organization with global functionality.

This is the tool you’ve been waiting for to eliminate duplicitous data crunching and time-consuming numbers games. Birst is loaded with advanced query capabilities plugs-in seamlessly into your existing apps, ERP software, and cloud computing to give you answers.

Amplify Your ERP Power

SolutionsX brings Birst to the table as a way to help manufacturers optimize their enterprise for strategic growth. Organizations using the best-in-class CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine planning platform already know the benefits of Infor products when it comes to saving time and money.

Birst can put your data in context. ERPs are powerful tools to help you allocate efficiently, but depending on an organization’s structure, valuable data can remain siloed by lines of business. Birst cuts through these walls to put data together to give a clear picture of performance and trends.

Birst can activate data for practical solutions. Building upon the efficiencies of ERP, Birst allows decision-makers to see improvement and growth, and then make structural and operational changes to capitalize on it. By pulling all the essential information from across an organization optimized by ERP, Birst makes growth opportunities clearer than ever.

Uncover What’s Next for Your Business

Even with outstanding ERPs, many organizations still find themselves culturally disconnected or unsure how to work with a data-rich operation. Birst solves this problem with a scalable, flexible, and adaptable platform designed with product and process manufacturers in mind.

The same experienced team of product and process manufacturers who have brought their expertise to software design with SolutionsX stand ready to help you solve for “x” with Infor Birst. With a rapidly deployable implementation, your business can start seeing value-added immediately with sophisticated, yet accessible business intelligence.