Chemical manufacturers are no strangers to disruption and the quest for innovation. In the heart of today’s manufacturing renaissance is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0 – a new age marked by the seamless integration of digital technologies with physical processes.

While every industry stands to benefit, chemical industrial manufacturers in particular can leverage the innovations of this era to unlock unparalleled operational efficiencies and customer experiences. Central to realizing these innovations in your operation is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, a powerhouse that amalgamates the benefits of this digital age.

Industry 4.0: A New Era in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is the crystallization of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, and is not something that happens to manufacturers. This new era has created a digitized world within which manufacturers must actively work to learn, adapt, and evolve. With 60% of manufacturers feeling optimistic about the potential of digital manufacturing, it’s time to embrace the fourth industrial revolution for better, smarter, faster manufacturing. 

An Avenue to Efficient Manufacturing

Envision a manufacturing space where processes are streamlined, the workforce is empowered, assets are optimally managed, and customer experiences are curated.

  • Better Performing Processes: When manufacturers introduce smart technology to their workforce, productivity improves by 63%, while quality sees a 21% increase across the board.
  • Empowering the Workforce: Through smart dashboards and AI, workers can increase output and collaborate effectively. With an ERP system like Infor CloudSuite Industrial, training, guidance, and work instructions are instantly accessible, enhancing operations and ensuring high levels of employee satisfaction.
  • Automated Asset Management: The use of IoT sensors can predict machinery failures and inefficiencies before they hamper production. An ERP system paired with these sensors, ensures sustainability both in energy usage and financial expenditure.
  • Curated Customer Experiences: Industry 4.0 empowers manufacturers to offer unparalleled customization to customers. Technology like Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software makes the buying experience interactive, while RFID and GPS can provide customers with real-time tracking capabilities. The use of data analytics allows manufacturers to understand and predict customer behavior, ensuring a more tailored experience.

The Game-Changing Benefits of Chemical ERP

Even before the global pandemic hit, the chemical manufacturing sector was grappling with multifaceted pressures. COVID-19 further underscored the importance of operational resilience. Today, to prosper amid market turbulence, chemical manufacturers must harness the power of advanced manufacturing technology. A purpose-built ERP solution for chemical manufacturers stands out as the beacon in this transformation journey.

  1. Greater Inventory Visibility: For all the opportunities a multi-channel environment brings, it also increases siloed operations. The right ERP solution breaks down these silos, centralizing data access and ensuring that every stakeholder works in unison. The harmony between your production floor and the purchasing department, underpinned by real-time data, can lead to optimal schedules and streamlined operations.
  2. Streamlined Regulatory Compliance: The ever-evolving regulatory landscape for chemical manufacturers is a challenge. With recent amendments, like those proposed by OSHA in chemical product labeling, staying compliant is pivotal. Modern chemical ERP systems effortlessly manage these compliance burdens by automating reporting, centralizing documentation, and providing real-time access to crucial data, facilitating smooth industry audits.
  3. Innovation in the Supply Chain: The global chemical industry is susceptible to commodity pricing fluctuations. A robust chemical ERP offers real-time insights into demand, allowing manufacturers to adapt swiftly, whether it’s due to shipping delays or changing suppliers. This flexibility is crucial to maintaining steady production and competitive pricing.
  4. Enhanced Product Recall Processes: Even with the best operational practices, product recalls are an unfortunate reality. With the advanced lot tracking functionality of Infor CloudSuite Industrial, manufacturers can swiftly locate affected batches, ensuring swift recalls while limiting risk to your customers and damage to your company’s reputation. 

Driving Forward with ERP

From dealing with external market forces like international trade relations, supply chain disruptions, and evolving policies, the right ERP software empowers manufacturers to respond effectively. A chemical ERP system isn’t just a tool – it’s a strategic asset that offers a unified, data-driven platform for informed decision-making. With the agility to either seize new opportunities or mitigate risks, a modern ERP is the key to driving profitability and pushing the chemical manufacturing industry forward into a prosperous future.

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Chemical & Life Science ERP Consulting Services

Many ERP vendors claim to support the needs of chemical manufacturers but most fall well short due to limited capabilities for defining and managing formulas and scaling production batches. Fewer yet can handle potency, lot attributes, or the rigid regulations and compliance mandates of the EPA, FDA, OSHA, and other governing agencies. Add to that a dearth of very few good chemical ERP products on the market, and those that have a broader feature set are typically very expensive and out of reach of smaller chemical processors. Many of the more robust applications on the market today are also locked into aging technology platforms.

SolutionsX worked in tandem with the developers of the Infor CloudSuite Industrial Process Pack to produce the most modern and feature-rich ERP solution available for process manufacturers. We know just how complicated ERP implementations can be, so we collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that their projects are completed on time and on budget. And no one has more experience implementing and leveraging Infor CloudSuite Industrial in the chemical and process manufacturing industries. You can learn more about how SolutionsX works with your business to find the best solution for you, and read chemical processing customer case studies here.