Implementing an ERP is a technically complex initiative and many ERP projects fail. Such failures can be catastrophic with the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. But given the operational improvements of leveraging an ERP, it’s in your company’s interest to harness the latest technology to optimize efficiency. All you need to get it right is some careful planning.

In part 1of this blog series, we covered the first 4 pre-implementation steps that will guide you to a successful ERP. Here are the remaining 3 steps.

  1. Ascertain Future KPIs

Establishing KPIs before the start of the project can help track progress and also ensure that you don’t deviate from the end goal. Put in place pre-project and post-project metrics that can be tracked so that the pace of activities can be sped up accordingly. Incorporating benchmarks can enable different departments to track the success of the project. This way teams will know what they’re doing right and carry out the appropriate actions accordingly.

2. Focus On Organizational Change Management

Communicating with employees and stakeholders on the upcoming changes that will be taking place is key. A common challenge with an ERP implementation is not getting the end users on board because resisting change is a common human tendency. There are a number of techniques and tactics that can be employed in order to overcome this. Omnichannel communication of the ERP implementation can be a more effective way to communicate instead of memos that are often ignored.

3. Leverage External Expertise

Choosing an ERP software that will be the right fit for your company can sometimes require the advice of an unbiased external independent firm. Such a firm will have years of experience with ERP implementations and a proven track record. Using an independent ERP consultant can be a wise choice since they don’t function off the same revenue model as software consultants whose pay depends on how much they sell. So, this way the independent consulting firm you partner with can truly focus on helping your business reap the most out of their ERP implementation.

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