While scouting for ways to increase revenue and identify high-margin opportunities, manufacturers often tend to zero in on the service aspect of their undertakings. We see this pattern more prevalent in the engineer-to-order segment for space and capital equipment.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is special in that it is a purpose-built ERP application that comes with support functionality for manufacturers who produce on an engineer-to-order basis. In addition to this it also comes fitted with an entire Service Management system as a component of the main application. Now that manufacturers have the ability to oversee installations as part of the operation, they can create a wider set of services and maintenance agreements which in turn promotes healthy long term customer relationships.

Another feature of Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial is its warranty which provides an all you need tool kit so you can cater to your customers’ needs better. This can be a great factor for differentiation by managing warranties, facilitating replacement parts, service orders, service and maintenance agreements as well as a complete unit history.

1. Spare Parts

Usually, a manufacturer who is in the business of engineer-to-order is likely the first in line for when parts are needed. This means your ability to generate these parts on demand is very important and is in fact what makes you relevant. Having a replacement-parts warehouse can be a huge advantage in situations like this because you can respond to your customers instantly.

Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial is equipped with the intelligence to estimate and evaluate which parts are most likely to be frequently purchased, and keeps inventory in alignment with demand. Plus, with this ERP system individual parts are serialized so replacement-part team members can view exact unit configurations of components. In this manner they can inspect elements such as warranty and who provides it.

2. Service Agreement

Infor CloudSuite Industrial enables you to outline service agreements for components sold or serviced by your establishment. The Service Management module assists in organizing contracts of this nature to enable thorough visibility into any actions taken pertaining to parts, what is covered within the agreement, as well as the profitability of the contract.

3. Service Implementation

Infor CloudSuite Industrial comes with complete service order scheduling, routing and service order distribution to your partners with the help of CloudSuite Industrial Service Mobile. Technicians can view the lead time on components and then choose their orders accordingly. Along with this they will also receive information regarding the drive to the destination, what is covered in the contract, unit repair and service history as well as current unit configuration. The team can log into the job, issue materials and also record expenses as a result of the job.

A service order function like this one facilitates overall cost accumulated thereby allowing you to gauge profitability. In this manner you will be equipped to issue invoices accurately and on time for material service orders, reducing the time taken from service to cash. The whole process is covered with features that allow the tech to take photographs of the work completed and acquire an e-signature to sign out while in the field.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is an effective solution for manufacturers and it really shows its full potential when used by those who have service requirements for their customers. It improves customer service and boosts revenue with the aid of a completely functional service management system as a component of your ERP application.

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