Sometimes companies are closed to the idea of implementing an ERP or upgrading their ERP. This is often due to a past bad experience attempting to leverage digital innovation, or the headlines around failed ERP implementations. In some cases, companies fear losing historical company data or disrupting business process for a significant time frame while implementing the new ERP system. There are often misconceptions that the risk is too high leaving companies with legacy technology that is slow and outdated.

However, it is crucial for companies to harness the latest ERP systems for massive operational benefits and a competitive edge in the long-term. Infor CloudSuite Industrial is a full-featured, robust ERP application that can be deployed on-premise as well as on the Cloud. More importantly, it can be integrated with practically any system.

For manufacturers who engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, discrete manufacture and mixed-mode manufacture Infor CloudSuite Industrial has proven to be the ideal candidate. Though it might be a long way off before a new ERP implementation can become plug-and-play, a number of modern businesses have made the transition to Infor’s CloudSuite rather comfortably due to the following reasons.

  • Optimized Capabilities with Simple Upgrades

Infor CloudSuite Industrial provides a multitude of new, highly specialized industry-specific capabilities such as specialized pricing, promotion and compliance features for manufacturers and distributors. It has also provided detailed industry packs that are tailored for automotive, printing plus packaging, process and molding companies. By integrating industry capabilities straight out of the box along with the Infor OS platform you gain unparalleled ability to integrate and extend Infor applications. All future upgrades can be installed through less intrusive procedures making them easier to implement.

  • Enhanced Access to Decision-Making Data

Improved team performance, collaboration and the advantage of a competitive edge for your business are easily attainable thanks to the enhanced user experience, navigation and access to information that Infor CloudSuite Industrial provides. With the addition of versatile new responsive design master forms, 360 forms and process forms along with latest Infor CloudSuite BI, KPIs and dashboards you’ll have all the required information to make better decisions. Drawing insights from interactive visuals as opposed to monotonous spreadsheets can make a world of a difference particularly for daily operations.

  • Remote Access 24/7

You can leverage Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s convenient accessibility from any device for better control, greater visibility and easier management across your enterprise. Since Infor CloudSuite Industrial is platform agnostic it gives you greater scope for how much you can control and how easily you can control it. Information from the solution can be accessed from anywhere at any point of time allowing you to diagnose and address any organizational or operational issues that may arise. You can further extend these advantages by making use of Infor Ming.le and Infor BI mobile applications to leverage better flexibility.

  • International Financial Capabilities

Infor CloudSuite Industrial assists you in remaining up to date and accurate with respect to taxation, reporting, rules-based accounting, electronic banking and government messaging requirements. In addition, it also upholds the necessities of a number of varying countries with regards to financial operations of any kind. Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s multi-booking accounting capabilities help your business remain flexible and scale your business to meet the global platform of key industry players.

  • Best-of-breed Functionality for All Enterprise Operations

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is a holistic manufacturing solution with the agility and complexity required to expand a business. Thanks to its enhanced integration, social collaboration and business intelligence capabilities, Infor CloudSuite Industrial provides best-of-breed functionality for better customer relationship management, configuration of price to quote, product life cycle management and more. Cloud ERP providers typically stay at the forefront of innovation providing clients with the latest technological capabilities in a convenient and affordable model. With Infor CloudSuite Industrial your business can command a whole new plethora of capabilities that are better suited to managing a range of operations in your particular industry.

Are you interested in implementing a new ERP system for your enterprise? Would you like to develop a contingency plan for a successful implementation? Our team at SolutionsX would be happy to help. We provide expert solutions for your organization’s ERP needs. With more than a decade of manufacturing industry experience our SolutionsX consultants are not only a point of contact but an ongoing personal guide in building and integrating a system that fits with your operations, goals and culture. Reach out to us at SolutionsX to find out more.