How Infor Technology Will Help Your Business

Efficiency is key when it comes to a successful business, yet the process to take efficiency from a goal to a reality can take some time. Ironically enough, the time it takes to improve efficiency can somewhat take away from efficiency itself. In order to get your business on track as quickly as possible, Infor technology from SolutionsX is the software investment you’ll want to make.

Take a look at some of the ways Infor technology will help your business, and contact us at SolutionsX when you’re ready to make the move that will make all the difference!

Fix Existing Problems

One of the biggest things to hold employers back from investing in new business software is the transition. The adjustment period usually lasts a while, and there can always be a fear of losing existing files and data in the process—definitely the last thing any business owner wants!

The latest release in Infor technology is Infor 10x, which actually allows you to maximize investments with the technology already in place. The technology allows for systems to synchronize with other systems, allowing for an expansiveness that will ease processes overall. Infor 10x brings social collaboration together with core business systems, which helps business owners solve issues with a fresher, more current take.

Implement Smarter Technology

Technology in general is any form of tool that can make life easier. With Infor systems, technology will do more than what you expect it to do. Infor will alert and notify you of any issues that may arise, but that’s not all. Infor has the capacity to resolve issues, alleviating you and your employees from additional work. Everyone will appreciate not having more added to their plate—the very thing Infor works at eliminating.

User-Friendly Technology Increases Productivity

A system that is complex and outdated takes a great deal more time to create an effective outcome. When employees know a task is going to be tedious, when they know they’re going to have to work with software that can’t keep up or isn’t designed well, they’re going to be less motivated to use the software. As Entrepreneur states, “Employees can accomplish more when armed with the tools they love.”

Infor offers a beautiful system that is easy to use, which will increase your employees’ motivation, as well as speed up their ability to complete an assignment. Higher motivation and faster achievement rates are going to affect your company’s productivity for the positive, all due to Infor’s user-friendly technology. An investment in Infor practically speaks for itself.

Types of Infor Technology

With seven versions of Infor technology, you are sure to find one that works for you and your business. Check out a brief summary of Infor products below:

  • Infor CloudSuite: An excellent cloud system for businesses, stores data in a highly secure cloud environment.
  • Infor 10x: The updated version of Infor Analytics, it includes new data visualization capabilities, custom-building dashboard features, and a plethora of other user-friendly tools.
    • Infor ION: A superior software that allows integration between Infor technologies and third-party software.
  • Infor Ming.le™: This platform allows for social collaboration, as well as improving overall processes within a business.
  • Infor Mongoose: With Infor Mongoose, businesses can design and implement applications with ease. Take control of what your business needs by creating the solution yourself, with the technology that offers both fluidity and accessibility.

Infor technology is successful for businesses because it helps provide success itself. Sometimes we don’t think about how the little things can make such an impacting difference, but switching to Infor systems will prove itself to you and your company again and again. Get in touch with SolutionsX today, and get on the right path to helping your business! Contact us today!