How ERP Implementation Improves Your Business Model

Ch-ch-changes: How ERP Implementation Improves Your Business Model

Change is inevitable. Change can be difficult. Embrace change anyway.

Change can be tough to initiate, but the time is right to strike the change chord in implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. An effective ERP system can optimize operations that improve efficiency and spur business growth.

How does ERP implementation benefit an organization?

Here are six significant ways an ERP system brings effective change to business models:

  1. Streamline processes by integrating all business functions into one, unified platform. Centralizing data can streamline your access to data and allow your team members to contribute data efficiently from across the organization.
  2. Improve workflow through user-friendly ERP interfaces that drives employee productivity.
  3. Eliminate redundancy by removing multiple data storage sites that result in inconsistencies and confusion.
  4. Automate report generation for synchronized results on key business metrics. Immediate access to data will help foster more timely decisions.
  5. Simplify accounting with access to shared sales, accounting, finance and HR department data. ERP systems improve employee productivity and reduce potential delays by analyzing integrated financial data.
  6. Boost customer satisfaction by more effectively managing sales and inventory levels. Company reps always have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information when communicating with customers.

SolutionsX makes changes easier

As an Infor-certified channel partner, SolutionsX provides manufacturers and distributors a customized ERP approach to achieve a company’s specific business requirements. Our experienced team of consultants have implemented more than 150 Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) projects across six countries on four continents. We offer practical, hands-on ERP consulting, implementation, training and support services, delivered on time and on budget.

Start making changes

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