APS and ERP an “APS-olute” Dream Team

APS and ERP: An “APS-olute” Dream Team

Think big, but plan for everything.

That could be the motto for advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software. And that’s why ERP and APS are the
“aps-olute” dream team in clearing a path to increased business success.

With an increasingly complex and fast-paced manufacturing environment, APS is often a vital add-on to ERP implementation. While ERP software brings together all of the available manufacturing resources in one database, APS goes the next step and considers all of the real-world constraints such as:

  • Aggregate capacity of machines and labor
  • Labor skills
  • Special tools
  • Material availability
  • Production sequence

APS software realistically simulates your production environment to provide you the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective manufacturing plan. With its sophisticated algorithms, you can create “what-if” scenarios to help you react efficiently and successfully when unexpected problems arise.

SolutionsX can put Infor® Thru-Put – the most powerful APS solution – to work for you. Infor Thru-Put APS reveals new ways to improve manufacturing performance and drives better bottom-line results. Detailed models reveal your constraints and allow you to:

  • Plan faster and get crucial answers quickly
  • Change plans rapidly and adjust priorities for fast-turnaround orders
  • Optimize plant capacity
  • Deliver on promised timetables and satisfy your customers

Business is not going to get easier. Customer demands will increase. Product cycles will accelerate. Sudden hurdles will happen. Let APS software help you respond more quickly and successfully to meet your lean manufacturing goals.

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