Companies That Have Used ERP Systems

Our blog has covered plenty of reasons that ERP systems are so beneficial for businesses to use, but an area that we have yet to really explore deals with realistic examples of businesses that have in fact used ERP systems and have seen results in doing so. Below are three common business types that we using Infor Syteline/Cloudsuite ERP systems on a pretty regular basis.

Distribution Centers

Some of the biggest distribution centers deal with drink distribution. Whether it be alcoholic or sports drinks, these types of businesses are moving large amounts of inventory and transporting it to tons of places across the nation, and sometimes across the world. These types of centers use an ERP system to maintain a competitive edge from other drink distribution centers. Where this really comes in is in the organization and ease of the system. Being able to easily see payments go through, delivery drops, dates and inventory calculations all in one place makes it easy for individuals throughout the company to stay on the same page. Regardless of the position that an employee is working, this makes it easy to stay organized and provide customers with a service that builds brand awareness and loyalty, and contributes to an overall better company.

Engineering Offices

Aside from providing a business with organization in the sense of finding numbers and orders, ERP systems can also provide businesses with the visual tools that they need to better plan for the future. Bigger businesses like engineering firms see a lot of success by weighing their projects against one another so that they can have an idea of where they will benefit in the long run and what types of projects to aim on picking up. This can be beneficial for a range of businesses that deal with a wide range of services, projects or events that vary in price and size. By doing so, this software allows for you to better direct various aspects of your business. From marketing and advertising to the inventory that you keep in stock, being aware of this inventory can make a serious difference to where your business goes over the following years.

Green Businesses

One of the reasons that this system is so beneficial is because it retains all of this information in one particular space. This makes it easy to reduce use of paper and other software and keep all of this information in one
general database for the entire business to use. Businesses that were trying to go green and chose to use ERP systems noticed that they saved money on a day-to-day basis and not just on an annual scale. Aside from that, this also provides quite a bit of organization by reducing the need for paper or documents that are printed. And as a business that is working towards creating a greener environment what better way than to utilize a system that allows for you to demonstrate just how beneficial this movement can be.

The beautiful thing about Infor Syteline/Cloudsuite ERP is that there is no one field that it is entirely made for. This system can be used for a variety of fields and a variety of businesses. If you have own a business that was not mentioned in our post today, reach out to us and set up an appointment with one of the consultants from our team. We will work with you to determine what an ERP system would look like with your business and give you an idea of how it will benefit your business in the future. Stop making excuses, and start working with our team today!