ERP vs. Other Software Options

Running a business is hard, especially when you’re trying to determine what is best for the business in the long term and aren’t entirely sure which option is the better of two. One of the areas that we personally have experience with is in regards to the software that is used throughout a business and how well they work together. When it comes to finding the best software program for your business, you need to know where the competition lies in order to make the best choice. When it comes to how ERP differs from your standard office software options, there are a few different ways that you’ll see will stand out from the other options that you have.

One Department vs. All Encompassing

One of the most noted differences is going to be this one here. Most standard and simple software choices that you have to work with are going to be created for one sole department or process. It’s easy to find a program that works great for each department, but what makes ERP systems so beneficial is that they take all of the components from strong softwares and put them together so that your business as a whole can work off the same database.

In our last blog post, we touched on how this can benefit customer service, visibility of information, consistency and accuracy. What we didn’t touch on, and what may very well be the most beneficial part of an ERP system, is that this all-encompassing software creates a universal database for your business. Rather than having a bunch of small departments that work alongside one another, you have a unit that works together. As cliche’ as it may sound, this truly does determine how successful a business is capable of becoming.

General Features vs. Customization Capabilities

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a one size fits all package for all things in life? One of the worst things to ever happen is for products and services targeting businesses to put this “one size fits all” mantra on concepts that simply don’t work that way. One of these are the programs that are being used, and the difference is easily seen. If you’ve come up with issues that are arising because of the software that you’re using, then it’s time to experience the capabilities of an ERP system. Rather than be made with standard features, your ERP system will be customizable to the needs of the user. This is what makes the implementation process of SyteLine ERP systems so complex and time-consuming. However, the benefits of working with an entirely customizable software and the database are priceless and endlessly worth the effort.

One Format vs. Hundreds of Concepts

Purcasing software is a must regardless of your industry or business, but what’s difficult to accept is that you might be investing in a software that will only ever suit whatever current concept you have in whatever industry you may be in. ERP systems are designed to work with hundreds of industries in ways that standard software programs can’t. Regardless of where your business goes or what new ideas come into play, your ERP system can be adjusted with the help of a consultant from our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

If up until now you have been working with separate software programs within the departments of your business, then you will see just how beneficial having one overall database will prove to be. Get in contact with the consultants at SolutionsX and allow for us to walk through the process of our ERP services and create a setup that works perfectly for you and your business.