ERP Implementation 101

ERP Implementation 101

Today’s modern business is run with a focus on accuracy and efficiency. Having the ability to streamline daily processes is vital for long term success. Since 2004, SolutionsX has specialized in ERP implementation and design to give our clients the best possible outcome for their business. Our focus on customer satisfaction drives our dedication to offering the best ERP management solutions. SolutionX is known for its unique approach when offering solutions for any client. Before we get too far into the gritty details, one might ask, what it is that we’re actually talking about.

What Is ERP?

Also known as Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP is a business software that enables businesses to manage every aspect of their operation in one integrated platform. The key to our program’s success is our focus on customer satisfaction. SolutionsX is pleased to work with all clients so that they are knowledgeable and successful in their own field. Maintaining strong working relationships with clients is one part that makes us a top-notch company. Businesses struggling with company communication and execution can stand to benefit greatly from this application. Most ERP programs cover many of the back-end factors in a business, including:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Supply Management/Inventory Control
  • HR and Payroll

In essence, the many complicated parts of any manufacturing company can be consolidated into one cohesive program that can ultimately increase productivity and efficiently reduce costs. ERP system implementation involves the use of several modules, which act as independent processes until all of the program is combined. Generally, modules are bought and designed based on each business’ specific needs and limitations. Once integrated, these individual modules should work together to bring all of a company’s functions and needs under one comprehensive program. Streamlining the company’s tasks and upkeep will help to reduce resources losses and bring a big boost to employee efficiency.

Things To Consider

Although our company is comprised of knowledgeable experts, our ERP solutions are not perfect. Many people make the mistake of believing that there will be immediate payoffs with little cost. ERP implementation can be costly and time consuming. Although the long-term payoff can be well worth it, money and time are required in order to accomplish a successful integration program. The number of manhours needed for a successful ERP implementation plan can range in number based on several factors. Many larger companies can handle the costs associated with their own implementation projects. However, smaller companies may suffer too much up front if proper planning is not attempted. Moral of the story? Be cognisant of the high cost, but also be prepared to have bountiful successes in the long run.

According to Bob Iger (Disney’s CEO), the heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation. Our team takes this to heart with our innovative logistical and manufacturing improvements. Having worked in the field, we understand the reality involved with ERP software. If your business is looking for a proven ERP implementation company, look no further! With our track record and wealth of knowledge, we’re confident we can help revolutionize your business. Contact us today to see how we can exceed your high expectations!