Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Process manufacturing is NOT the same as discrete manufacturing. Not only is the process different, but there are so many nuances and complexities in process manufacturing that discrete manufacturers don’t have to manage. Recipes and formulas must be able to scale based on concentrations of specific ingredients. You have to manage lots carefully with attributes to identify specific attributes of finished goods. And you must have the data and processes in place to comply with stringent and ever-changing compliance mandates from the EPA, FDA, and other regulatory agencies.

SolutionsX understands process manufacturing and knows that discrete manufacturing ERP applications simply cannot work in a true process environment. That’s why we recommend Infor CloudSuite Industrial Process Pack – a specially-designed process manufacturing suite built on the powerful Infor CSI platform specifically for process manufacturers.

Process Manufacturing ERP Consulting Services

There are very few good process ERP systems available today for midmarket and small enterprise businesses that lack the budgets to implement multi-million dollar tier-one systems. Infor CloudSuite Industrial Process Pack is an enterprise-class ERP system with all the components you need to manage your entire enterprise from the production floor to the laboratory and from the warehouse to the back office. You’ll find a robust multi-entity, multi-lingual accounting application, a powerful inventory and production planning system, and all the process manufacturing features you need on top of a modern Microsoft technology platform built for scalability, speed, and compatibility with other business applications.

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ERP Software for Process Manufacturing Industries

Infor CloudSuite Industrial supports many diverse process and mixed-mode manufacturing industries including major food and beverage manufacturers, chemical and life science processors, and more.

Chemicals & Cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Life Sciences

Food & Beverage

Primary Metals

Petroleum Products

Plastic & Rubber

Tobacco Products

Other Process Industries

Process Manufacturing ERP Software Features

Below is a short list of some of the major features provided by Infor CloudSuite Industrial designed specifically for process manufacturers engaged in various industry segments. Visit our chemical and life sciences or food and beverage industry pages for more detailed information.

End-To-End Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Infor CloudSuite Industrial provides all of the core functionality you need to manage virtually every aspect of your process manufacturing business from back office accounting to sales, inventory and warehouse management, shipping and receiving, quality and compliance, manufacturing planning, pricing and cost analysis, shop floor control, laboratory management, lot traceability, and so much more.

Because it’s build on modern Microsoft technologies and the innovative Infor Mongoose and Infor OS platform, Infor CloudSuite Industrial connects to best of breed Infor products including Infor EAM for asset management, Infor PLM for product lifecycle management, Infor CRM for customer relationship management, Infor HCM for human capital management, Infor BI for business intelligence and reporting, Infor Workflow & Alerts, Infor CPQ for complex configure price quotes, budgeting and planning, expense management, and Infor ION for integration to any other system you currently utilize internally.







Ultra-Modern Process ERP

There are a ton of great ERP systems on the market for discrete manufacturers but very few designed for process manufacturers and most of them are built on very old technology or lack the depth and breadth of functionality to support enterprise-wide business needs.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is the right technology platform for smaller companies outgrowing entry-level accounting systems, process manufacturers using ERP designed for discrete industries, established manufacturers who need to move off of antiquated legacy systems, and innovative process manufacturers interested in taking the next step forward toward Factory 4.0 to optimize their business processes and take their companies to the next level with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, embedded document management, and some of the best business intelligence and analytics available in the market.

Process Manufacturing ERP Information Kits

Click the links below to request one of our two popular Process ERP Information Kits. Each kit includes dozens of free resources to help you harness technology to streamline your operations:

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