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Why We Do What We Do


Manufacturing and distribution are in our DNA. See how we help people and companies succeed.

Solve For X

Consultants, Not Techs

ERP implementation should be about your business, not about your software. Our consultants understand that the best ERP implementations empower you to look at improving your processes as you transition to maximize your efficiency and your investment. Our team know business – manufacturing and distribution. Software is the tool, SolutionsX is the solution.

Projects, Not Hours

If you’re paying your ERP team by the hour, where is the motivation to work quickly and efficiently? You’re interested in getting the job done, not in negotiating the number of hours it will take. We work to minimize your disruptions and ensure the implementation is as painless as possible. Let SolutionsX team provide the short term solution and the long term value..

Addition, Not Subtraction

Modifications are at the root of ERP implementation. Getting the system to work for your unique circumstances and to assist in your business processes is at the core of a successful project. Infor CloudSuite Industrial has a powerful interface that will allow you to extend and add, not change.. With these systems, modifications act as additions rather than changes. This prevents dead-ending your platform and enables smoother updates and upgrades along the way. You need solutions that add value today and tomorrow; let SolutionsX show you how.


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